Chapter President - Kathy Hanson

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                   September 2017


A Letter from Kathy Hanson, Chapter President

Hello Pioneers,
It is another changing season, one many anticipate joyfully. It is always good to look forward.
Change is upon us too, as our Telecom Board of Directors has after much deliberation decided
what to do about states without a formal Pioneer chapter or council with elected officers.
The rules guiding our organization dictate this decision making.

The Board has decided to merge these inactive states’ Pioneers into an active chapter elsewhere.
Minnesota welcomes Iowa and South Dakota pioneer members into the Chapter 18 of the Legacy West Pioneers.

We know there are many Pioneers in those states, both actively employed and retired who continue to
volunteer in their communities in oh so many ways. These Individuals still respond to Pioneer fundraising
mailings and active employees continue to have dues deducted from their paychecks through December 31, 2017.
Their support is invaluable. I have been in touch with three Iowa Pioneers and invited them to a chapter meeting via Skype.

That meeting was on 09/19/2017 and we were pleased to have Nick Lucy join the call.
Patience will be the guideword as we move forward in this merge of members. First order of business-
if a state wishes to establish a council, nominations will be solicited via email from those members who have valid
email addresses. Next step is an election of officers; training and compliance of these newly elected officers will be the final step.

Should a state not put forth any officer candidates, it will not have a state specific council and all members will be
accepted into an existing Minnesota council agreeing to take them. There are three councils in Minnesota currently;
Metro, Central and Arrowhead. All are combined councils of active and retired pioneers.

Minnesota has a great web page that our webmaster, Dave Hemmer keeps up to date. See our meeting minutes,
reports from Councils in MN about what they’ve been doing and enjoy the photos of various projects and activities.
We endeavor to report Pioneer deaths, when notified by members as we no longer have access to other data.
You can see it all by clicking on the link below.

Finally, Pioneers are focusing on addressing hunger in America by urging everyone to participate in some way
to do their part to end hunger. Focus on Food - organize a food collection, volunteer at a soup kitchen, deliver Meals on Wheels,
bring food to a person you know is struggling to feed a family, share the bounty of your garden with a local food shelf.
There are many ways to help Focus on Food in your community. I would love to hear from you.
Tell me about any action you take on this project, so I can report and give you credit for it.

My email is