2009 MS TRAM - Pictures
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  "Wheel Deals - on a Qwest for a Cure"

Our riding team raised more that $10,000 this year

Al Barthel, Maureen Lyons, Roger Hanson, Kathy Hanson
Josh Lyons, Gary Greb, Laura Lyons, Shawn Lyons

Famous Rest Stop #3 volunteers

Standing - Ginny Boom, Galen Krohn, Gloria Krohn, Kathy Carlson,
George Carlson, Maureen Lyons, Gary Babcock, Marie Babcock,
Ralph Judd, Linda Massman, Dave Massman, Carol Barthel,
Sue Anderson, Colleen Gallmeier, Bob Lewis, Gary Gallmeier,
Bob Boom.

Sitting & Kneeling - Roger Hanson, Kathy Hanson, Barb Hemmer,
Megan Studanski, Joan Lewis, Dave Hemmer

Missing - Ralph & Ada Hunsted, Gloria Berger,
Harry & LaVaughn Osborn

Oh ya, we get a little crazy at rest stop 3
Dave and Roy
  Roy - 80+ yrs
Must be the water that makes people act like this!   On the more serious side... These folks standing with Dave are the
refrigerator Truck crew. - They arrive first thing every morning with our Ice and perishable foods
Sally(Walt's daughter), Walt, and Sally's son Brian
Day one was at an abbandon house near Appleton
Galen can never wipe that grin off his face
  Marie, Linda, Gary B, Gary G, & George waiting for riders so they can ring the bell.
Linda, Gary G. George, Gary B, & Marie   Ginny, Carol, & Megan getting the food ready


Kathy Carlson & Ada Hunsted


Marie, Colleen, & Kathy


Marie, Ralph (the hotty), & Sue


Crane with 4 bycles hanging was at the Ortonville campground


Ralph Hunsted can really get into putting up the signs


one of the youngest riders.


Laura, Kathy & Shawn at Rest Stop 3 on Monday


Gary selling our buttons on the shuttle bus



End of day one pictures




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