2008 MS TRAM - Pictures
Keep checking back - over the next few weeks more pictures may be posted.



Pioneers Run Rest Stop #3


Back - Marge Benson, Ralph Judd, Roger Hanson,
Kathy Hanson, Dave Massman, Arvid Benson, Carol Barthel, Galen Krohn, Ginny Boom, Bob Boom,
Linda Massman, Bill Lovegren, Joann Lovegren,
Front - Ralph Hunsted, Ada Hunsted, Barb Hemmer,
Dave Hemmer, Gloria Krohn
Sitting - Megan Studanski
Unloading the truck   Marge, Carol, Ginny, & Arvid making the PB&J sandwiches
Galen the "Grape Man" and Gloria Berger fills cups with trail mix   Roger & Bob "The Sign Men"
The Refrigeration Truck and crew stop every morning with our fresh perishables and Ice   Gloria, Arvid, Carol, Ginny, Marge, Galen & Joann getting ready to feed the riders
Dave gets a hug after giving a rider a "Qwest visor"   Keeping up the Web Page between TRAM duties


Will Ziegenhagen  "TRAM coordinator" for the MS Society


 lost a bet so he had to sport this fancy hair do


Unloading Ice - a daily job


Kathy hits the road, leaving Rest Stop #3


Our "Qwest for the Cure" riding team.
Al, Kathy, & Gary





Making shade


Lots of Bikes


Barb Ringing the bell


Dave blowing his horn

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