2011 Fall Camp - KOA Jordan, MN - Aug 18-21
Host Kathy Hanson with Ralph & Ada Hunsted co-hosting the Sunday breakfast



Host Kathy Hanson - Who would have thought it hosting would be this much fun!


Wagon Master Bill Lovegren - takes his job way to serious!


Web Master Dave Hemmer - acting cool as usual!


TPFC International Administrator Dallas Leier


Indoor Social


Indoor Social


Men's social


Men's social


Bob & Kathy


Indoor Social


Barb, Bob, Kathy, & Dave


Ralph, Dallas, & Lorna


And we do get outside also

Joan & Bill




Mark, Barb, & Bob


Dorn & Galen


Ralph, Dallas, Lorna, & Galen


Mark, Dallas, & Gary


And nothing says Camping like a Campfire





And here we have the whole enchilada
































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