Westrich RV Park
Spicer, Minn.
September 19-22

Bill Lovegren called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasure Report:  Motion by Sharon Houg and seconded by Kathy Hanson to accept the report.  Motion passed.

Secretary Report:  Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Jerry Swanson to accept the report as read.  Motion passed.

Old Business:  Dallas Leier gave a briefing on the International Rally at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

New Business:  Kathy Hanson has volunteered to write as article for the Hello Central.

Jerry and Kris Swanson and Kathy Hanson were thanked for hosting and co-hosting this Fall Campout.

International Rally  2013:  Dallas Leier reported the Rally will be a Tucson, Arizona, May 7-9 @ Lazy Days.

MS TRAM:  Dave Hemmer does not have any information for 2013.  The Theme Day has been chosen but to be announced at the Sylvies.

MS 150:  Dave Hemmer had nothing new to report.

2013 Campouts:  Spring host Dave and Barb Hemmer- Mid-Summer hosts Mark and Jan Berg - Fall hosts Bob and Ginny Boom.

Dave Hemmer reminded us that Campouts are Fri.-Sun.  Additional nights require you to make your own reservation.

2012-13 Winter Luncheons:  Oct. Lovegrens  Nov. Leiers  Jan.  Bergs   Feb. Hanson

New Shirts:  Shirt will be White Polo with name, and logo.  Dave Hemmer and Ginny Boom gave presentations on shirt companies.

Dave Hemmer made a motion that Ginny Boom lock in prices, sizes, and order shirts.  Money to be sent to Ginny.  Seconded by

Joanne Lovegren.  Motion passed.

Dave Hemmer has the $30.00 Pioneer Calendar for sale.  Winners are drawn regularly.

Jerry Swanson made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Dallas Leier. 

Ginny Boom, Secretary

Ginny Boom, Secretary