South Isle Campground
August 18, 2012
Isle, Minnesota

Bill Lovegren called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Treasure Report: Motion by Dave Hemmer and seconded by Roger Houg to accept
the report. Motion passed.
Secretary Report: Roger Houg made a motion and seconded by Joannie Lovegren to
accept the minutes as read. Motion passed.
Old Business: MS 150 Dave Hemmer reported 3,500 riders and the MS Society made
tons of money.
MS TRAM: July 23-29. Dave Hemmer indicated a very successful week. He
encouraged members who have never participated in the TRAM to save the week in July
and join us for hard work and lots of fun.
Kathy Hanson, a member of the Ride Team, raised $10,200. A pancake breakfast
raised $825.00 and a match of $500.00. Kathy had an Estate Sale and those funds were
donated to MS.
International Report: Dallas Leier reiterated the 2011 Sparta, Illinois rally events.
International Report 2012: Sept. 11-13, Gettysburg, Pa. Some tours available, no
entertainment, or craft tables this year. Free hotdogs on Wed. Leiers will have a table
for selling Pioneer International decals and will also be selling the "old T-shirts."
Around 80 rigs are expected.
International Rally 2013: May 7-9 at Tucson, Arizona.
Kathy Hanson was thanked for submitting the news article for Hello Central. Group
picture will be taken today and submitted for the 2013 Hello Central.
New Business: Bill and Joannie Lovegren assisted by Jan and Mark Berg were thanked
for hosting this mid summer campout. Joannie Lovegren, Dave and Barb Hemmer were
also acknowledged. Bill and Joannie will donate $100.00 to the Annandale Food Shelf.
Fall Campout: Sept. 20-23 at Westrich RV Park, Spicer. Jerry and Kris Swanson hosts.
2013 MS 150 & TRAM: Dave Hemmer had nothing to report.
2013 Campouts: Spring- Dave and Barb Hemmer, hosts Mid-summer - Mark and Jan Berg,
hosts Fall- Open until next campout.
2012-13 Winter Luncheons: Oct. Lovegrens Nov. Leiers Jan. Bergs Feb. Hanson
Camper Shirt discussion: Dallas Leier opened up a discussion on replacing our Khaki shirts. Members were
encouraged to submit ideas, Embroidery Co., and prices at the next campout.
Dave Hemmer made a motion to buy a white polo with embroidery for future use. Seconded
by Sharon Houg. Motion passed.
Barb Hemmer made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Joannie Lovegren. Motion passed.

Ginny Boom, Secretary