Countryside Campground

Askov, Minn.

August 21, 2010


Bill Lovegren, Wagon Master, called the meeting to order. Bill led the group in saying the Pledge of

Allegiance. A moment of silence was given for past members.

Treasure Report: Loma Leier reported Simple checking $354.10 Savings $1,675.82

North Star $376.78 Balance 52,406.70.  Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Kathy Hanson to

approve the report. Motion passed. Lorna Leier received a Thank you from the Sauk Center Food Shelf,

but the check has not been cashed.

Secretary Report: Roger Houg made a motion and seconded by Bob Boom to accept the report as read.

Motion passed.

Membership Report Loma Leier will be accepting dues from members who have not paid.

Isabel Hofer told the group that the memorial for Bill was very successful in spite of the rain.

Marge Carlson mentioned that Grant Johnson (owner of farm for spring campout) fell but is doing O.K.

International Report: Dallas Leier has had a good response on the mailing that went out. Many donations

are coming in to cover expenses for the Hello Central next year. 2010 Rally will be October near Tampa,

Florida. 201I Rally has no bidders from the Western region- possible Central region could have it.

MS 150: Dave Hemmer ran a Rest Stop out of Pine City with a bunch of volunteers that went very well.

MSTRAM: Dave Hemmer reported the successful week of running Rest Stop #3. The bar was raised by

having a Hawaiian day. Volunteers were all dressed in Hawaiian clothing. Dave shared two stories.

On Hawaii day Bob Boom took a Lei over to a lady sitting alone and placed it around her neck. She smiled

but really didn't say anything. A while later she approached Bob and told him how much she appreciated

his gesture. She said, "I have MS and you just made my day". Kathy Hanson was standing in line for food

after riding across the finish line, she heard they ran out of food and there would be no more. Kathy

overheard another biker in line say, " you know if they let the people from Rest Stop #3 run this, they

wouldn't have run out"! Dave thanked all who helped out at Rest Stop #3. Rest Stop #3 really supports the

riders for 5 days and we're part of the reason many riders come back year after year. We are part of the

solution to the MS problem.

Beep Baseball: Dave Hemmer briefed us on how the game is played. Thanks went out to all of the

volunteers. Kathy Hanson gave a thank you to all of the people from this club who volunteered. There were

l8 volunteers who staffed the hospitality tent. Dallas Leier gave the history of the Beep Baseball.

Mystery Trip 2010: Hosts Charlie Kadlec/Dave and Barb Hemmer. Previous mystery trips explained.

Spring Campout 2010: Hosts Dave and Barb Hemmer

Fall Campout 2011: Hosts Roger and Kathy Hanson

Bob and Ginny Boom were thanked for a nice Fall campout.

New Business: Dave Hemmer wanted to recognize Roger and Kathy Hanson as volunteers involved in lots of activities.
Dave expressed that the Hanson's are the greatest Pioneers around!

Address lists were handed out. Any corrections contact Bill.

Jerry and Kris Swanson donated some mailboxes in 2009. Lori Stunek repainted them. After a discussion,

Gary Babcock made a motion to sell raffle tickets for $ I .00 each and seconded by Joanne Lovegren.

Motion passed. Drawings will be made after supper.

Gary Babcock thanked Roger and Kathy Hanson and Dave and Barb Hemmer for chairing several

volunteer events. Gary Babcock grew up in this area and the bridge in Sandstone has the same architectural

design as the one that fell in the Mississippi. The bridge is part of a national study to see how ice and cold

affects it.

Dave Hemmer made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Charlie Kadlec. Motion passed.


Ginny Boom, Secretary

August 22, 2010

Bob and Ginny Boom, hosts of this campout, will donate their $100.00 to the South Metro Food Shelf.

Mark and Jan Berg will host the Pioneer luncheon in October. Dallas and Lorna Leier will host the

luncheon in November