10,000 Lakes Family Campers
Hay Creek Campground
Red Wing, Minnesota

May 16, 2009 

The meeting was called to order by Bill Lovegren.  Bill led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasure Report:  Lorna Leier reported $2, 953.78.  Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Jerry Swanson to approve the report.  Motion passed.  Lorna also told the group that their $10.00 dues are due.

Secretary Report:  Dave Hemmer had one update.  Pete and Lori Stunek (2008 hosts) donated their $100.00 to a food shelf.  Dave Hemmer made a motion to accept the report as read.  Seconded by Dallas Leier.  Dallas inquired as to who is hosting the 2009 Fall campout.  Roger and Kathy Hanson will host.

Old Business:  The 2008 Mystery Trip was to Shell Lake, Wisconsin.  A meeting was held at Grand Casino,

Hinckley.  Dave and Barb Hemmer, hosts, announced their $100.00 would be donated to Clearwater Food Shelf.

New Business:  Dave Hemmer mentioned we should have a Nominating committee for new officers next year.  Lorna Leier will continue on as Treasure.  Ginny Boom will stay on as Secretary.  Bill Lovegren may not be able to attend all the upcoming trips and is therefore looking for an assistant.  Roger Houg needs to be contacted to see if he remembers that heís the Assistant Wagon Master and is heís willing to help out.

A Nominating committee was formed.  Gloria Krohn, Zig Carlson, and Roger Hanson have agreed to be on the committee. 

Dallas Leier made a motion to change the May Campout to the first weekend in June and seconded by Dave Hemmer.  Dallas Leier amended his motion to the first full week end in June that has a Fri., Sat., Sun.  A discussion was held and Barb Hemmer suggested that we look for a Campground with an enclosed shelter.
After a show of hands, the group wanted to continue with the third week end in May.  Dallas Leier withdrew his motion.

MS TRAM:  Dave Hemmer reported that he will run Rest Stop #3.  He is selling commemorative MS Buttons for a donation of $1.00 or more to raise money for MS.  The Hanson Family will be riding again this year for our team.  To pledge for them, you can go on line, or give cash.  The TRAM runs July 26-31.  We will camp at Granite Falls Casino and Hansonís Yard.  All Pioneers are welcome to participate.

Fall Campout:  Roger and Kathy Hanson  Hosts.  Kathy reported there will be no tours, but plan  more group games.  Wally Robokoff suggested checking into a Launch Service for those wanting to go fishing.  All camp out info is on the internet.

International Rally 2009:  Berrien Springs, Michigan, Sept. 13-18.  Application forms are on the web page.  For those not having Email, the form was sent by mail.

International Report:  Dallas Leier reported the 2010 rally will be at Lazy Days near Orlando, Florida.  New Mexico is currently looking for a location for 2011.

Kathy Hanson attended a Telecom Pioneer annual meeting and questioned Dallas Leier why Minnesota is not in a Region Rally Area?  Minnesota could possible plug into the Great Lakes.  As a contingency group you could go to the Great Lakes Regional Rally and ask if we could join with them.

By a show of hands, Dave Hemmer asked how many are considering going to Berrien Springs this fall?
There were several interested.

Dave Hemmer made a motion that the 10,000 Lakes Campers send a donation of $150.00 to the International for our dues.  Seconded by Dallas Leier.  Motion passed.

Dallas and Lorna Leier, hosts of this campout, will donate their $100.00 to Keystone Community Food Service.

Zig and Marge Carlson will host 2010 Spring Campout.  No volunteers for Fall or Mystery trip.

Barb Hemmer made a motion to donate $50.00 for a Memorial (flowers) for the funeral of Curly Barrett.
Seconded by Gary Babcock.  Motion passed.  Barb will be responsible for purchasing the flowers.

Kris Swanson made a motion and seconded by Dave Hemmer to adjourn. 

Ginny Boom, Secretary