Isle Campground
Isle, Minnesota
August 22, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Bill Lovegren. Bill led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Treasure Report: Lorna Leier reported a balance of $2,734.62. Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Ken Sable to approve the report. Members not current on their dues need to approach Lorna and pay.
Secretary Report: Kathy Hanson made a motion to accept the report as read. Seconded by Jerry Swanson.
Motion passed.
International Report: Dallas Leier reported the 2009 rally will be Sept. 13-18 at Berrien Springs, Michigan.
105 RVís have registered. 2010 rally will be October 19-21 @ Seffner, Florida. Rally to be hosted by the Sunshine Bells.
Old Business: Dallas and Lorna Leier (hosts of Spring 2009 campout) received a thank you note (read by Dallas) from Keystone Community Center for the $100.00 donation.
Hosts of future campouts should make sure the campground has an enclosed shelter.
Bill Lovegren will continue as Wagon Master Bill may not be able to attend all campouts but will try his best.
New Business: Roger Houg will continue on as Assistant Wagon Master but will not be able to come to most Spring Campouts.
Bill Lovegren handed out a listing with current email, home address, land line and cell number.
Committee Reports: MS 150- Dave Hemmer no report. MS TRAM- Dave Hemmer reported Kathy Hanson, captain of the Pioneers Riding Team, was successful in their endeavor to raise money for MS. Dave indicated the great time the Family Campers had working Rest Stop 3. The commemorative buttons raised $704.00.
Kathy Hanson welcomed and introduced Jan Berg, also a retired pioneer.
Kathy Hanson reported there was an 8 member team of riders who rode from Ortonville to Welch Village. The team reached a $11,000 goal through fund raisers and donations. Kathy thanked Dave Hemmer for his
prolific fund raising efforts.
2010 Campouts: Spring- Zig and Marge Carlson. Zig reported this campground will be different. The fee will be reasonable. Marge told the group that the farm is not licensed as a campground. The camping fee will be by donation. A motion was made by Gary Babcock and seconded by Ken Sable to support the Carlsonís offer of going to the farm near Sauk Center. Motion passed.
Fall- Bob and Ginny Boom hosts. St. Croix Haven at Hinckley.
Mystery Trip- No volunteers. Trip scheduled for the 3rd week end in September.

Dave Hemmer has spoken with Roy at Berrien Springs, about Minnesota parking together. 8 spaces are reserved.
Wally Robokoff would like the Pioneers to continue meeting in the fall and winter season. He suggested meeting in December and February for a dinner, luncheon, or tour in the middle of the week. Dallas Leier added that several other states get together once a month all year round. A host would decide when and where the group would meet. After a lengthy discussion, a show of hands was requested to see if the group was interested in trying a monthly get together during October to April. A 60 - 70 % indicated they wanted to try it. Denny Houg made a motion and seconded by Wally Robokoff to meet once a month. Motion passed.
Jerry Swanson has several mail boxes from the Willmar telephone office(used for fund raisers years ago).
Suggestions were given as to what to do with them. Let Jerry know if youíd like one.
Dave Hemmer asked the group to help pay for T-shirts that Pioneers wear at Rest Stop 3. A discussion was held. Dave Hemmer made a motion for our group to pay up to $300.00 for T-shirts. Seconded by Ralph Hunstad. Motion passed.
Roger and Kathy Hanson, hosts of this campout, will donate their $100.00 to the Mobile Food Shelf.
Denny and Annette Houg will host the first Pioneer dinner in October. Dallas and Lorna Leier will host in November.
Dave Hemmer made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Dallas Leier.

Ginny Boom, Secretary