10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Clearwater Campground

May 17, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Roger Hanson.  Roger led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

A warm welcome was given to Jerry and Kris Swanson.

Thanks were given to Peter and Lori Stunek hosts, for this campout.  A grand time was had on Friday’s tour to the power plant.

Secretary Report: Dave Hemmer moved to accept the report as read.  Seconded by Dallas Leier.  Motion passed.

Treasure Report:  Savings $2,37l.25   Old checking $286.78 New Checking $512.66

Balance in Savings and Checking $3,170.69.  Approved as read.

Committee Reports: Dave Hemmer reported the MS TRAM will be July 20-25.  Trail will start at Grand Rapids and finish at the University of Minnesota in Duluth.  1200 riders are expected to raise one million dollars.  The Pioneers have enough pledges to support four riders.  Dave will be in charge of Rest Stop Three.  Each volunteer will receive two colored shirts.  If interested in participating as a rider or a worker contact Dave.

International Rally 7 couples from Minnesota traveled to Arizona for the Rally.  21 States and three Providences had representation.  There were 84 campers and a number of people in hotels.  Entertainment was incredible.

Old Business:  2008 Fall Campout is August 15, 16, 17 at Sunnybrook City Campground,

Wadena, Mn.  People, who do not have email, will receive notices by U.S. Mail.  Wally and Althea Robokoff will be added to the U.S. Mail list.

Mystery Trip:  Scheduled Sept. 18, 19, 20, 21.  Hosts Dave and Barb Hemmer

2009 Spring Campout:  Hosts Dallas and Lorna Leier

Vest and Large Patch:  When people order vests, the patch will automatically be appliquéd directly on to the vest.  Vest and Patch cost is $35.00.

Exhausted Vests:  Curly and Teresa Barrett turned in their vests.  Barb Hemmer will tear off patches and pins.   Vests and patches could be resold.

 Coffee and Rolls:  Roger asked a question of the club.  Do we want the club to buy or have members contribute money for coffee and rolls?  A discussion followed on giving money from our Treasury to a charitable organization.  Dallas Leier made a motion to donate $100.00 to a charity of the host’s choice.  Seconded by Kathy Hanson.  Motion carried.

Nominating Committee was formed for the 2009 Wagon Master.  Committee of Gloria Krohn, Kathy Hanson, and Roger Hanson will present a slate at the fall campout.

Kathy Hanson made a motion to have our club donate $150.00 to the International Telephone Family Campers.  Seconded by Gloria Krohn.  Motion carried.

A question was asked by Charlie Kadlec.  What was decided on coffee and rolls?  Roger stated that we’re still going to collect for coffee and rolls.  The money in the kitty goes into the treasury and adds part of the fact that we don’t need the money; we’ll do a $100.00 donation at every campout.

Kathy Hanson brought the Awards along that the Chapter has received.  Awards are from the region for the TPFC involvement in the TRAM, Beep Ball, etc.

2007 Rally:  Dave Hemmer gave a re-cap of the successful rally at Forest City, Iowa.  All profit went back to the Pioneer Councils.

Lorna Leier reminded the club that $10.00 dues are due!!!

Dallas Leier thanked the club for the Floral Arrangement sent for his Mother’s Funeral.

Dallas Leier thanked Dave Hemmer and all committees for all the hard work done on the 2007 Rally.

Upcoming Rallies:  2009 Michigan, 2010 Florida, 2011 New Mexico

Dallas Leier made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Bill Lovegren.



Ginny Boom, Secretary