10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Sunnybrook Campground

Wadena, Minn.

August 16, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Roger Hanson.  Roger led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

A warm welcome was given to Gary and Colleen Gallmeier, guests of Gary and Marie Babcock.

A rousing applause was given to Jerry and Kris Swanson for having Bells with numbers.  (new members)

Secretary Report:  Moved by Dave Hemmer and seconded by Roger Houg to accept the report as handed out.  Approved.

Treasure Report:  Report was given by Galen Krohn.  Savings $2,371.25 New Checking $431.67

Old Checking $286.78.  Kathy Hanson moved and seconded by Gary Babcock to approve the report as read.  Approved.  A reminder that Dues are due!!


     Pete and Lori Stunek hosted the May camporee, and at this time we do not know where they donated

     the $100.00.

     Gary and Marie Babcock were presented $100.00 check to their charity (Church food shelf) for hosting and were also
     thanked for hosting this wonderful weekend.

     Dave Hemmer suggested in the future, we should encourage our hosts to have info available, to

     announce where they plan to make their donation.

     Birch Hall was reserved in case of bad weather.  The City of Wadena did not charge a fee for hall use.

     Gary Babcock made a motion to donate $150.00 to Sunnybrook Park.  Gary Babcock amended the

     motion to give $100.00.  Dave Hemmer suggested that in the margin of check we state that this donation  

     is to be used for improvement or maintenance of Sunnybrook Park.  Roger Hanson’s thoughts were to

     place that statement where they have to endorse.  Gary’s amended motion was seconded by Ralph


     Ralph and Ada Hunstad were recognized for donating macramé cord to the Pioneers, who sew wheel chair bags,

     Committee Reports:

     MS TRAM Dave Hemmer indicated the great time the Family Campers and other Pioneer workers had

     working Rest Stop Three in July.  The TRAM went from Grand Rapids to Duluth.  Three Pioneer

     members, including Kathy Hanson, raised thousands of dollars.  Dave will be supervising Rest Stop

     Three in 2009.

     Chapter President Kathy Hanson gave a briefing on how she loves coming to the Family Campers.

     Kathy finds it to be relaxing, and a way to reconnect with people.

Old Business:

     Mystery Trip Sept. 18, 19, 20, 21 will be hosted by Dave and Barb Hemmer.

     Spring Camporee 2009 hosted by Dallas and Lorna Leier.

New Business:

     The nominating committee has selected Bill Lovegren for Wagon Master. Dave Hemmer

     made a motion and seconded by Roger Houg to nominate Bill Lovegren as Wagon Master.

     Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Gloria Krohn to cast a white ballot for; Roger Houg-

     Assistant Wagon Master,   Ginny Boom- Secretary, and Lorna Leier- Treasure.

     Fall Camporee 2009 hosted by Bob and Ginny Boom

     The 2009 Mystery Trip will be replaced by the International Rally in Michigan.

     Gary Babcock thanked Dave and Barb Hemmer for all the work they did in helping to put on this



  Upcoming Rallies 2009 Michigan 2010 Florida   2011 New Mexico

     Dave Hemmer made a motion to adjourn seconded by Bob Boom.


ADDENDUM; After the meeting was adjourned, George and Kathy Carlson indicated to Wagon Master, Roger Hanson,

that they wanted to host the 2009 camporee.  Carlson’s will host the 2009 camporee.  Booms will not be hosts as stated above.                                                                     


Ginny Boom, Secretary