10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Marriot-Spring Hill Suites, Minneapolis, MN

December 13, 2007


Dave Hemmer gathered members of the Planning Committee and Volunteers working at the 2007 International Rally at Forest City, Iowa.  Dave gave a personal thank you to everyone for working hard and making the Rally a success.  Members here tonight will go out to eat supper after the meeting.  The meal and tip will be paid by the International Rally Fund.  We will pay for our own drinks and or desert.  Several members not in attendance, who worked for seven days, will receive a gift certificate to go out to eat.


A final report was given by Dave Hemmer.  We cannot keep any money for ourselves, so Dave has decided to give the money back to the Pioneers.  Checks will be presented to the following councils.  $1,000 to Hiawatha Land, $1,000 to Western Plains, $1,000 to Metro, and $1,000 to Central.  We are $8,000 in the black.  Other than Arizona in 1996 we probably made more money than any other Rally ever has.  After Dave Hemmer takes us out to eat he will write that check to pay for our meals and a few gift certificates, for those not here.  Dave Hemmer, Lorna and Dallas Leier, and Gloria Krohn will come back and write that one last check to take the account down to near zero.


The Golf Course in Forest City has one outstanding check for $155.00.  This is the third issue because they lost the other checks.


All bills have been paid and the account will be closing soon.


Lorna Leier has vouchers that need to be signed by Gloria or Galen Krohn.


Lenny George raised one question.  “In 2012 we’re not volunteering again are we”?  At this time point there was not much interest but maybe in another year we may feel differently.


The Fall Campout for 2008 will be at the Wadena City Campground.  The cost is $21.00 per night.  Date is August 15 and 16.


Kathy Hanson showed the Patch that will be on the vest people order a vest.  The patch and vest will cost $40.00.  There was no interest in shirt inventory.


A Host is needed for the 2008 Mystery Trip. Dave and Barb Hemmer will do it, it nobody else volunteers.


Ginny Boom, Secretary