10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Forest City, Iowa

August 25, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Kathy Hanson in honor of our 30th Anniversary.  Kathy led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Report:  Roger Hanson had one correction to the minutes.  The turquoise vest sells for $15.00 instead of $10.00 as read.  Galen Krohn made a motion and seconded by Dave Hemmer to accept the report.  Motion carried.  The minutes from the So. Isle meeting were corrected to read that the vests cost $15.00 instead of $10.00 as incorrectly reported by Roger Hanson.

Treasure Report:  Savings approximately $1,500.00.  Checking $1,592.00.  Shirt sales $254.00 and the old pioneer shirts $176.00.  Dave Hemmer made a motion and seconded by Bill Lovegren to accept the report as read.  Motion carried.

Old Business:  Dave Hemmer gave a brief 2007 Rally report.  Winnebago and The Farmer, with tractors, moved the rigs off the grounds.  Marti Lee, who is in charge of this building indicated our group to be the best group she has ever had in here.  10,000 Lakes Campers are polite, clean up after themselves, and noticed pure integrity from our group.  Rosie, from Winnebago, did not charge our group for setting up for the rally or for Saturday night camping.  We will pay for five nights of camping.  169 units were here in which Dave calculated out to 845 camping rain days.  Dave feels at this point all 10,000 Lakes Campers will receive a refund for some of the parking expenses.  Dave gave a BIG Thank You to all 10,000 Lakes Campers for all their efforts during the rally.  Ruth Kadlec was given a round of applause for her outstanding job on prizes and raffles.  Coins brought over $500.00.Chinese Auction, Afghan and Lap Robe $500.00 or more.  A card of Thanks was presented to Dave Hemmer from Zig and Marge Carlson.  Dave has kept the Carlson’s informed of rally business by mail instead of computer.  Bill Lovegren suggested we give Dave a Fantastic hand for all his hard work.

Fall Camp out for 2008:    August  15 - 17.  Gary and Marie Babcock will host with Dave and Barb Hemmer assisting.

Wagon Master for 2008 The nominating committee chose three candidates.  Marge Carlson, Roger Hanson, and Gary Babcock.  Marge and Gary requested not to be on the ballot, but Roger Hanson agreed to accept the nomination.  Zig Carlson made a motion to close nominations, seconded by Lenny George.  Motion passed.  Galen Krohn made a motion, seconded by Ken Sable to accept the white ballot for Roger.  Motion passed.

Mystery Trip is planned for Sept. 20 - 24.  Ralph and Ada Hunsted and Charlie and Ruth Kadlec are coordinators.  Charlie gave a briefing of what will happen on the trip. Group will meet on the 19th at Grove City Campground.  Camping will cost $20.00.  There are 7 rigs that are planning to go on the trip.  On Thursday at around 8:00 AM the group will head West on Highway 12.  Plan to eat out once a day.  Friday night will be a rest stop thing.  Saturday is a question mark and Sunday head home.  You will travel approximately 300 miles with a cost of around $100.00.  Ralph’s intentions are to drive his personal vehicles around so NO tow vehicles are needed on this trip.  Pat Sable suggested that the Mystery trip info be posted on the web site.

New Members: An application for joining the 10,000 Lakes Campers was given to Lee and Carol Reichert.

New Business:  Charlie Kadlec was given a frog as a reward for walking around in the slough while parking rigs.

Dave Hemmer made a motion to instruct the Treasure to send $150.00 to the TPFC to pay our International membership dues.  Seconded by Gary Babcock.  Motion carried.

Lenny George wanted a hand count on how many are going to the buffet dinner at the VFW in Garner to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.  There are 26 people going.  Leave @ 4:30- Be there @ 5:00-
Dinner @ 6:00.  Members are to wear tan shirts and bells.  The club will pay for the meal plus gratuity and we will buy our own drinks.

Roger Hanson asked members to think about hosting the 2009 Spring campout.

Ken Sable made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Roger Hanson.   Motion passed/.



Ginny Boom, Secretary