10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Isle Campground

May 19, 2007


The meeting was called to order by Kathy Hanson.  Kathy led the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

A warm welcome was given to Ruth Leffler and Lee and Carol Richert.

Prospective members are: Marlin Parker and Neva Donahue.

Thanks were given to Bill and Isabel Hofer with assistance from Dallas and Lorna Leier and Charlie and Ruth Kadlec for planning the spring campout.

Secretary Report:  Dallas Leier made a motion to accept the minutes and seconded by Roger Houg.  Motion carried.

Treasurer Report:  Checking $293.44 Savings $2,882.21 Total Checking and Savings $3,175.65.  Motion made by Paul Parenteau and seconded by Lenny George to accept the report.  Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

MS TRAM- No report

2007 International- No report

Shirt: Roger Hanson reported that a full order form with pictures and prices are on the web site. Khaki shirt $34.00   Grey T $10.00 Vest $10.00   Grey Polo- Some are wearing

Members are to order your own shirts, so we donít have to stock them.  Dallas and Lorna Leier have turned over the old shirt inventory to Roger.  Thereís only one basic rule.  If you want a shirt, put your money down!

Old Business:

2007 Fall Campout- The 30th Anniversary of the 10,000 Lakes will take place in Forest City, Iowa following the International rally.  Dallas suggested we keep it simple- No Chinese Auction or whatever.  Letís just socialize, relax, have fun and enjoy the savor of flavor of working hard at the rally.

Lenny George gave a short briefing about a tornado that happened on that first campout 30 years ago on Long Lake.  Lenny George and Dallas Leier will be putting together a display for the International Rally.  The display will include several pictures and a steering wheel.  The steering wheel is the only thing left from Doc Theilmanís boat.

Mystery Trip 2007- Ralph and Ada Hunstad   Charlie and Ruth Kadlec.


New Business:

Spring Campout 2008 Peter and Lori Stunek

Fall Campout 2008 Open

Mystery Trip 2008 Open


Ginny Boom gave an explanation of the Traveling Stool.  The traveling stool has been in existence since the Florida Rally 2002. Scott and Gail Malinosky are now the proud owners of the stool.    Pertaining to the stool,

there were a few suggestions.  Scott would like to burn it.  Kathy Hanson thought on a cold fall evening it might make good kindling, too.  Dallas Leierís thoughts were not to lose it.  Scott read the list of rules to the group as well as to who previously has had the stool.  Gary Babcock contributed with a camping story about the stool being cloned by a fellow camper.  Kathy expressed the stool to be a fun tradition.


A nominating Committee was formed for the 2008 Wagon Master.  Committee consists of:  Zig Carlson, Dave Hemmer, and Ginny Boom.


Ralph Hunstad showed a picture of a beautiful blanket that Ada made for the International Rally Raffle.  Tickets will sell for 6 for $5.00.  If you want to purchase tickets, but not going to the rally, Ralph will take your money today, and keep the tickets with your name on it.  If your name is drawn he will collect it for you.  Money from the blanket goes towards the International Rally fund.


Kathy Hanson encouraged all members to sign the Attendee Book for this weekend.

Members were encouraged to look at the center piece to be used at the International Rally.

Meeting adjourned by Gloria Krohn and seconded by Gary Babcock.  Motion carried.

Ginny Boom, Secretary