10,000 Lakes Family Campers Alexandria Shooting Park
June 3, 2006
The meeting was called to order by Kathy Hanson. Kathy led the group in saying the
Pledge of Allegiance.

The Day Trippers Bud Smith, Wally and Althea Robokoff, Gordy and Lorraine Jerve, Larry and Kathy Kelling were welcomed. Sharon Houg was thanked for the music during Saturday morning coffee and rolls.

Secretary Report was read. Zig Carlson had a correction on the Mystery trip Sept. 2003. Zig stated that he was also a Host! Zig and Marge Carlson traveled west to West Fargo and then to Lake Benton.
Dave Hemmer moved and Galen Krohn seconded a motion to approve the minutes as read. Approved by members.

Treasure Report: No treasure report due to the absence of Lorna Leier.

Committee Reports: Dave Hemmer reported on the MS 150. The MS 150 bike tour takes place June 10 and 11 from Duluth to St. Paul. There was a conflict so the Qwest Riders will ride the 150 instead of the MS TRAM. Qwest riders are: Gary Greb, Al Barthel, DaNea, Robbie, and Rick Severs, and a Duluth rider. 10,000 Lakes Family Campers Dave and Barb Hemmer, Bill and Joan Lovegren, Galen and Gloria Krohn will be guarding the overnight Bike Corral in Hinckley on the 10th. Dave has reserved four spots at St. Croix Haven Campground for the 9th and 10th. Anyone else interested in joining contact Dave by Monday, June 5. To date, under $5,000 has been pledged to meet the goal of $5,000. Dave will accept pledges for MS any time this weekend. Last year the Qwest riders raised about $13,000 for the five day bike tour.

There will be a 10,000 Lakes Family Campers social evenings June 17, at 7:00pm too hear Art Essery at the Midwest Theatre in Hinckley. Camping reservations have been made at Grand Casino Campground for Gary and Marie Babcock, Dave and Barb Hemmer, and Bob and Ginny Boom. Contact Dave Hemmer if you'd like to attend.

The 2006 MS TRAM will be July 23-28. The one week long bike tour will be from LaCrescent to Rosemount. 10,000 Lakes Family Campers volunteering for one week are Dave and Barb Hemmer, Galen and Gloria Krohn, and Bob and Ginny Boom. Roger and Kathy Hanson will be volunteering for three days and possibly Roger and Sharon Houg for two days. Bill Lovegren will be driving the truck all week. The 10,000 Lakes Family Campers will be staying at Bailey's in Wabasha, and at Greenwood Campground in Hastings. Bob Boom will call on the availability of one more spot for Houg’s. The 10,000 Lakes Family Campers will be welcoming the riders for the third straight year at Pit Stop #3 with the traditional bell ringing.

The 2007 International Rally August 21, 22, 23 will be hosted by the 10,000 Lakes Family Campers at the Winnebago Grounds in Forest City, Iowa. Several 10,000 Lakes Family Campers pre-registered for the International Rally at this camporee in Alexandria.

The Entertainment is not locked in as of this date. Working on the Bistodeau Family-girls are champion violin players, and American Pie- 50's and 60's music.

We will have three Treasure Chests. 1- $100.00 chest with Minnesota quarters, 1-$100.00 chest with Iowa quarters, and 1 chest containing Susan B. Anthony and or Sacagawea dollars.

Lorraine Jerve inquired about the Fall Camporee. Paul and Diane Parenteau will be hosting the camporee. The camporee will be August 25, 26, 27 at "Schreier's on Shetek". More info to follow.

Old Business: None

New Business: Dave Hemmer reminded the members that the dues are due at this spring camporee. There was a slip up of not advising people that dues were due. Last year our club did not send a donation to the International and we were not mentioned in this years report. Dave Hemmer quoted Dallas Leier as saying the International does not need the money.

Dave asked us too consider collecting dues at this meeting and sending a donation to the International as a group. Discussion was held. Gary Babcock motioned and Gloria Krohn seconded that we pay dues today and send $50.00 to the International. Motion carried.

Kathy Hanson is looking for a Spring Host for the 2007 Camporee. Barb Hemmer mentioned that because of the International Rally, there will not be a Fall Camporee, but that a Host is needed for the Fall Mystery Trip. Contact Kathy if you'd like to volunteer.

Marge Carlson presented Galen Krohn with the consolation prize for Cribbage. The prize was a booze decanter.

Dave Hemmer moved and Althea Robokoff seconded a motion to adjourn.

Ginny Boom, Secretary