Minutes of 10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Marriott Hotel, St. Louis Park

December 14, 2006


Dave Hemmer conducted a short meeting.  Members in attendance:  Dave and Barb Hemmer, Dallas and Lorna Leier, Galen and Gloria Krohn, Lenny and Nancy George,

Al and Carol Barthel, Charlie and Ruth Kadlec, Roger and Kathy Hansen, and Bob and Ginny Boom.


Dave advised us that the TRAM location has been announced.  TRAM will start at Walker and end at Alexandria.  Dave’s intent is for our volunteers to be instrumental in running Rest stop #3.  At the Pioneer meeting December 15, Dave will talk about making the ride a chapter sponsored event.  Dates are set for July 22-27.


Dallas Leier spoke on behalf of Bill and Isabel Hofer about the 2007 spring campout.  Two locations were suggested but final reservations have not been made.  After Bill finalizes the plan and reservations, he will contact Kathy and she will get a letter out.


Kathy Hansen is trying to get new members to join the 10,000 Lakes Family Campers.  She is drafting a letter to promote our camping club to people who are retiring from Qwest.


Roger and Sharon Houg are wondering how to obtain the Gray shirts for the 2007 Rally?

The website for ordering shirts and vests will be changing to a different company because of better pricing and quantity ordered.


Dallas Leier reported the shirt inventory on hand is mostly T-shirts.


Ginny Boom, Secretary