10,000 Lakes Family Campers
Schreiers on Shetek at Curry
August 26, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Kathy Hanson. Kathy lead the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

A warm welcome was given to Bob and Nadine Otto.

Thanks were given to Paul and Diane Parenteau for planning the Fall Campout.

Secretary Report: Minutes were approved as read.

Treasure Report: Checking $478.96 Savings $2,231.94 Rally CDís $4,700.95

Committee Reports:
MS 150- Dave Hemmer reported that the riders raised over $6,600. Thanks were given too the members
who helped with the Security watch.

MS TRAM- Report given by Dave Hemmer. The ride was a huge success. Many comments from riders
indicated the awesome job Pit Stop #3 does. Dave announced he will do the 2007 TRAM.

Intíl Rally- Pre registration for 2007 will be accepted today. Some members may go down to Forest City
in September to check on the availability and cost of RV rentals, Motels etc.

Old Business:
Up coming campouts:
Mystery Trip September 21-24 Roger and Kathy Hanson Hosts
Spring 2007 3rd week end in May Bill and Isabel Hofer (Tentative Hosts)
Fall 2007 In lieu of the 2007 Rally no campout is scheduled.

Lorna Leier will be collecting dues--- several members have not paid.
Gloria Krohn will be accepting pre-registration for the 2007 Rally. Other options to pre-register would be to down load the computer.
Members needing patches can order from Dallas Leier.
Zig and Marge Carlson will schedule two tours on Monday before the Rally starts. One tour will be for the ladies and one tour will be for the gentlemen.

A lengthy discussion was held on our official dress. Our official dress will be a Gray Polo Shirt with a
Turquoise Vest. This attire will be worn at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at all International Rallies. The Gray T-shirt or Polo shirt will be worn by the workers at the 2007 Rally. The Khaki shirt will be worn at informal functions. (Out to eat) The khaki shirts need to be ordered. Tabled until next meeting. Ralph Hunstad will report to Kathy Hanson with info obtained from his daughter on silk screening and individual and group orders. Diane Parenteau suggested machine embroidery on the khaki shirts. Bill Hofer will check at an Embroidery Shop obtaining all necessary info including the size of printing. Sharon Houg suggested a sign up sheet for the Polo and T-shirt. Dallas and Lorna Leier have some Polo and T-shirts on hand. Members to be advised after inventory.

New Business:
Kathy Hanson appointed some permanent responsibilities for future campouts.
Chinese Auction-- Charlie and Ruth Kadlec
Coffee Pots-- Dave and Barb Hemmer, Roger and Kathy Hanson
Bean Bag Boards-- Roger and Sharon Houg, Bob and Ginny Boom, Dallas and Lorna Leier, Gary and
Marie Babcock
Annette Houg has a coffee pot that she will give to a member who attends regularly.
Permanent appointees must contact Kathy Hanson if you wonít be at a campout. Barretts and Bestgens will loan their boards for a campout but need boards for personal use.
Dave Hemmer advised members who Host a campout to get a voucher for cups , table cloths, etc.. Also, the Pioneer Council in the area of the Rally, will furnish coffee and rolls for Saturday morning breakfast.
Dave Hemmer made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Lorraine Jerve.

Ginny Boom, Secretary


The 2007 International Rally August 21, 22, 23 will be hosted by the 10,000 Lakes Family Campers at the Winnebago Grounds in Forest City, Iowa. Several 10,000 Lakes Family Campers pre-registered for the International Rally at this camporee in Alexandria.

The Entertainment is not locked in as of this date. Working on the Bistodeau Family-girls are champion violin players, and American Pie- 50's and 60's music.

We will have three Treasure Chests. 1- $100.00 chest with Minnesota quarters, 1-$100.00 chest with Iowa quarters, and 1 chest containing Susan B. Anthony and or Sacagawea dollars.

Lorraine Jerve inquired about the Fall Camporee. Paul and Diane Parenteau will be hosting the camporee. The camporee will be August 25, 26, 27 at "Schreier's on Shetek". More info to follow.

Old Business: None

New Business: Dave Hemmer reminded the members that the dues are due at this spring camporee. There was a slip up of not advising people that dues were due. Last year our club did not send a donation to the International and we were not mentioned in this years report. Dave Hemmer quoted Dallas Leier as saying the International does not need the money.

Dave asked us too consider collecting dues at this meeting and sending a donation to the International as a group. Discussion was held. Gary Babcock motioned and Gloria Krohn seconded that we pay dues today and send $50.00 to the International. Motion carried.

Kathy Hanson is looking for a Spring Host for the 2007 Camporee. Barb Hemmer mentioned that because of the International Rally, there will not be a Fall Camporee, but that a Host is needed for the Fall Mystery Trip. Contact Kathy if you'd like to volunteer.

Marge Carlson presented Galen Krohn with the consolation prize for Cribbage. The prize was a booze decanter.

Dave Hemmer moved and Althea Robokoff seconded a motion to adjourn.

Ginny Boom, Secretary