The Family Campers meeting May 21, 2005 Hole in the Mountain Campground at Lake Benton, Minn.
 was called to order by Dave Hemmer at 1:50 p.m.

The Secretary minutes were approved as read. Treasurerís report: Checking $405.25 Savings $4,587.31 were approved.

Dave Hemmer thanked Kathy Baker, Dick and Dolly Nokes for planning the Spring Campout.
Old Business: Denny Houg had nothing to report on the cost of Badges for the Family Campers to wear at the local campouts.
Several suggestions were: Buttons, Paper Name Tags, and the International Bell. Vote was approved to wear the International Bell. Dallas Leier will obtain six blank bells for the pioneers who do not have the International Bell.
MS TRAM July 25-30 Arrowhead Region. Dave encouraged members to assist with water, pop, and food at the pit stops.
So far, volunteers are Hemmers and Booms. Pioneers can volunteer to work one, two, or three days.
MS goal from the pioneers will be $10,000.
Dallas Leier gave a report on the Fall Campout at South Isle Campground August 26, 27, 28. Friday night the group will eat supper at a local restaurant. Saturday will be the Chinese Auction, Games, and Potluck.
Mystery Trip Sept. 22-25 Barb Hemmer reported that the trip is still as mystery.
International Rally report 2005 Montgomery, Texas was given by Dallas Leier. Dallas invited members to attend the
2006 Rally at Montreal, Canada May 16-19.
New Business: The 2007 International Rally, Forest City, Iowa was discussed and committees were reviewed.
Dave encouraged the members to start moving forward. Each chairman will need to keep a written report,
and work with the wagon master to coordinate with the over all plan.
 Kathy Hanson made a motion that the Wagon master will appoint the 2006 nominating committee. Seconded by Gloria Krohn. Vote carried.

Election of Officers: Wagon master Kathy Hanson Assistant Wagon master Charlie Kadlec Secretary Ginny Boom Treasurer Lorna Leier

 A mailing list has been requested. Dallas Leier will give out names for a mailing list which included name, city, and phone number.
2006 Camporees: International May 16-19 Montreal, Canada Spring Campout June 2, 3, 4
Zig and Marge Carlson hosts Fall Campout August 25, 26, 27
Paul and Diane Parenteau hosts
Mystery Trip Sept. 21-24 tabled

Galen Krohn made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Bill Hofer.

Following the meeting Denny Houg gave a presentation asking for volunteers to help with the National Disabled Veterans Olympic Games in Minneapolis June 27-July 1.

Ginny Boom, Secretary