The Family Campers meeting August 27, 2005 at Isle Campground, Isle, Minn. was called to order by Kathy Hanson.
Kathy lead the group in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
New members Paul and Adele Chandler and Prospective members Bill & Joann Lovegren were welcomed by Kathy.
Kathy thanked the Leiers for planning such a great Rally.

Minutes were read. Dave Hemmer made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Lorna Leier had a correction. The Savings, CD, and Checking Accounts are separate. Minutes should have read. Savings: $l,182.06 CD: $3,000.00 Checking: $405.25. Dave amended the motion and made a new motion to accept the corrected reading and seconded by Kathy Kirchner. Dave indicated the $3,000.00 CD is from the Minnesota Pioneer Chapter for the 2007 International Rally which we will have to repay.

Savings: $1,648.36 CD: $3,000.00 Checking: $405.25.
Ken Sable made a motion to approve the report and seconded by Galen Krohn.

The International Rally May 16-19, 2006 Montreal, Canada was given by Dallas Leier.
Dallas hopes to see several members from our Family Campers there. New member
applications are steadily coming in. If any member is in need of Patches, or Bells for the International Rally contact Dallas.

MS TRAM report given by Dave Hemmer indicated the great time the workers had in July working the TRAM. The Qwest riders were sponsored by the Minnesota Pioneer Chapter. A goal of $10,000.00 was set and pledges amounting to $12,142.00 has been received. Dave announced that he is thinking about doing this service again next year.

Members who do not have the International Bell, to wear to the local Rallies, will wear the Blank Name Tag instead. Dallas said each Bell cost $10.00.

A membership list was passed out to all members. Dallas indicated the list is a priority and should be used only for official use to contact members and can not be used for any other purposes. Please destroy the list when you are done using it. A few members had corrections made on their Cell Number and Email address.

The 2006 Mystery Trip is in need of a HOST. Contact Kathy Hanson if you would like to volunteer.
Dave Hemmer gave a briefing of the 2005 Mystery Trip. They will start at Hemmers on Thursday, September 22 with a Pot Luck evening meal. Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25 will be travel days. Dave needs to know as soon as possible if you’re planning to go on the trip. Motels are available upon request, so contact Dave if you need lodging.
For each of the three previous Mystery Trips the Hosts were asked to explain where and what they did.
Dallas Leier traveled South to Faribault and Austin area.
Marge Carlson went West to West Fargo, ND. to Lake Benton, Minn.
Charley Kadlec drove East to Hayward, Wis.- North to Bovey, Minn.

Lorna Leier told members who have not paid their dues for 2005, the past dues are due.
A discussion and decision was made to stay with the $5.00 charge for new members who come to the Fall Rally only.
The “Old Gray T-Shirt” and the Turquoise Vests are available from Lorna. The workers for the 2007 International Rally will wear the “Old Gray T-Shirt”.
Dallas Leier checked on the silk screen for the old gray shirt and found the silk screen was destroyed and a new screen will have to be made.

Kathy Kirchner made a motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Ken Sable.

Ginny Boom, Secretary