Family Campers Meeting Aug. 21, 2004  - St Croix Haven RV park
Meeting called to order at 1:39 PM
Barb Hemmer appointed to take minutes for this meeting due to the absence of Ginny Boom.
Secretary Report: Minutes for previous meeting were approved as sent out.
Treasures Report: as of July 19 $1216.44  on hand  Bal. on hand as of today $1024.31
 check was sent to the TPFC for $95.00
 Motion to Approve by Ralph Hunsted.     Approved by membership.
Comments by Dallas Leier:   Dallas thanked the group for their donation of $95.00 to the TPFC
 Dallas also clarified how some of the funds raised by the International at each International Rally are
            used.  The advance registration money is first used to pay for the metal collector plates and the cloth
            badges that are handed out at each International Rally. 
The rest of the money is used to get the rally
            started. When the rally is over this years committee will forward to the next year $1000.00 to
            be used as seed money to help them get started.

 The $10.00 International Fee charged at each International Rally is used to cover the expenses
            of the TPFC for such things as the “Hello Central” paper and mailing.
Dave Hemmer thanked the Boom’s for planning such a nice rally and also all the members who helped.
Discussed the MS TRAM and talked about making it a project again next year.
Charlie and Ruth Kadlec talked about the Mystery Trip – Sept 23 – 26.
           We will meet at Kadlec’s on Wed. the 22ond.   So far we have 7 rigs planning to attend.
Talked about election of officers at the spring camporee.  Dave Hemmer announced he will not
accept another term as Wagon Master.
Discussion was held about the 2007 International Rally. 
Questions raised were:
1)      Should we continue to spend money to promote the 2007 at the 2005 – 2006 rallies?
2)      Should we continue to have a skit at the 2005 – 2006 rallies?
Following the discussion by show of hands we decided the following – we will not provide
popcorn or water at the rallies.  And we will not do a skit in 2005 but we will plan to do a
Skit in 2006.   We most likely will put up our banner and have a few handouts at both rallies.
Some members asked what the International Rally was like.  We held a discussion to inform them
And we showed the 2004 rally DVD during the spring camporee for all to see.
Discussion was held about changing the date from the 3rd weekend in Aug to the Last Weekend in Aug for the Fall Camporee next year.  We decided to change to the Last weekend in Aug.
Discussion was held about getting Badges made for the 10,000 lakes family campers.  These Badges would be in the shape of Minnesota and also serve as name tags.  Denny Houg was appointed to look into the cost.   For the time being we will use paper name tags.
Discussion was held about how to order 10,000 lakes shirts from the web site. And also the possibility of ordering new shirts in a different color.   No decision was made.
2005 10,000 Lakes Family Camper Camporees;
 International Rally – Montgomery, TX   April 5 – 8
 Spring Camporee – (Tentative) Hole in the Mountain, Lake Benton, MN. 3rd Week end in May
            – Hosted by Kathy Baker, assisted by Dick & Dolly Nokes.
 Fall Camporee – Aug 26, 27, 28th .  Hosted by Lorna & Dallas Leier.  Place to be determined.
 Mystery Trip – Sept. 22-25   Hosted by Dave & Barb Hemmer.   (no I’m not telling where!)
Motion to adjourn by Galen Krohn,  Second by Gary Babcock
Meeting adjourned