Minutes from meeting April 17,2003
10,000 Lakes Family Campers

Dave Hemmer opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance. Thanked the people for coming
out for the camp out. He also thanked Charlie & Ruth Kadlec for hosting the camp out.
           Clarified that members pay only $10.00 annually fee and that $5.00 fee for the International TPFC be paid by each member.
The $10.00 fee stays in our (10,000Lakes) treasury.
If any one incurs an expense they must fill out a voucher to be reimbursed. The voucher must be OK’d and signed by a board member. 

Old Business:
The International TPFC Rally will be held in Columbia MO  October 7, 8, & 9, 2003.
Maybe we can go as a group to Columbia.
New Business:
Marge Carlson had some very interesting information on a Mystery trip, Sept 8, 9 & 10.
Let them know by the 1st of Sept if you are interested in going.
Camp out June 27 & 28th at Grand Casino camp grounds Hinckley.
On Saturday night go as a group to the Midwest Country Theater in Sandstone.
Discussion was held on the fall camp out on August 15, 16, & 17th at St. Cloud Campground and RV Park.
Door Country trip Sept 25, 26, 27 & 28. Go as a group for four days.
Possibly camping at Fish Creek. Take in a fish boil dinner.

Zig gave us information on what to expect at the Winnebago plant if we held the International Rally there in 2007 or 2009.
A lengthy discussion was held. Galen K. made a motion to proceed with plans to make a bid for the 2007 rally.
Seconded by Lenny George. Motion carried.

Discussion was held to establish a board to help make decisions: When to go out to eat, when to have a business meeting.
Kathy Kirchner made a motion to elect 5 officers for the board.
Wagon Master, Assistant Wagon Master, Secretary, Treasurer & Past Wagon Master.
Barb Hemmer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dave Hemmer was reelected as Wagon Master.
Election for Secretary: Bill Hofer nominated Ginny Boom, Seconded by Kathy Hanson. Ginny was elected as secretary.
Election for Treasurer: Katie Bestgen nominated Lorna Leier. Seconded by Kathy Kirchner.  Lorna was elected as treasurer.
Election for Assistant Wagon Master: Dallas nominated Roger Houg, Seconded by Kathy Kirchner.
Kathy Hanson nominated Charlie Kadlec. Seconded by Gloria Krohn. Charlie Kadlec won the election

 Meeting was adjourned at 2:20PM

 Officers: Dave Hemmer, Wagon master.   Galen Krohn, Past Wagon master.    Assistant Wagon master, Charlie Kadlec.
Secretary, Ginny Boom.    Treasure, Lorna Leier.