Minutes from Family Campers Meeting
Held on 5/18/02
McNally Park, Grantsburg, WI.
The meeting was called to order by Wagon master Galen.

Treasurer's report: after borrowing $4,000, 4 years ago we are now in the black.

A discussion took place on a maintenance fee.
Katie Bestgen made a motion for a yearly fee of $10.00,
have a donation box to defray the cost of the coffee and rolls,
have a charge of $3.00 for the walk-ins at the camporee.
Motion was seconded. The motion passed by the campers that were present.

There was an election for wagon master. Three nominations came from the floor.
Galen Krohn, Charlie Kadlec and Dave Hemmer. Charlie declined the nomination.
A hand vote was taken with the nominates vacant from the room.
Dave Hemmer won the election.

The Wagon master will hold the position for no more than 2 years.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.
Respectively submitted by
Lorna Leier, Acting Secretary/Treasurer

Our Fall Camp-out will be held Aug. 23,24,25 at Two River Campground, Royalton, MN.
Mark your Calendars - More news will follow soon.